Meaning of Brie in English:


Pronunciation /briː/

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mass noun
  • A kind of soft, mild, creamy cheese with a firm white skin.

    ‘Soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, and Camembert may have bacteria that can cause infections.’
    • ‘Avoid soft cheeses such as Brie, feta, Camembert, blue-veined and Mexican-style.’
    • ‘Cut the rind off soft cheeses like Brie to reduce their fat content.’
    • ‘Creamy Brie, buttery croissants, indulgent pastries are just part of the French paradox.’
    • ‘If you can't resist cheese, opt for soft, rinded varieties like Brie or Camembert (but cut off the rind).’
    • ‘It's not as soft as Brie, not as sharp as Bleu, and not as hard as Parmesan.’
    • ‘This is called l’âme, the spirit or soul of the cheese in Brie.’
    • ‘Tasty though Brie and other cheeses are, there is little to recommend them from a nutritional perspective.’
    • ‘They are incredible with cheese - try some with bleu cheese, Brie or sharp cheddar.’
    • ‘If you go for the higher-fat cheeses, like Brie or cheddar, just eat smaller portions.’
    • ‘The fastest growing varieties include Gorgonzola or Asiago, goat cheese or Brie.’
    • ‘French ham and Brie with butter and honey mustard is five fat-filled bites of pure bliss.’
    • ‘Add the reserved butter and Brie and mix until well combined, about two minutes.’
    • ‘The Brie in puff pastry with raspberry sauce and apples arrives.’
    • ‘Along the same lines, how about combining garlic, figs and Brie?’
    • ‘I promise to make it up to you with a huge loaf of bread and Brie cheese.’
    • ‘I suspiciously tasted it and discovered it not much stronger than an authentic French Brie.’
    • ‘He was too busy stuffing a frozen hen with Brie, Rockford, goat cheese and spinach.’
    • ‘We even can bring out a little of that double-butter Brie to accompany the wine.’
    • ‘Limit sugar cookies, martinis, Brie and crackers, pumpkin pie à la mode, etc., to one small serving.’


Named after Brie in northern France, where it was originally made.