Meaning of bright-coloured in English:



  • Of a bold and vivid colour or shade.

    ‘gowns of bright-coloured silk’
    • ‘To make a breakthrough in the design of men's wear, the designer has also applied many bright-coloured fabrics to men's shirts.’
    • ‘What was interesting was that the bride did not wear bright-coloured dresses.’
    • ‘I am suggesting that bright-coloured ribbons be used to better assist people with low vision.’
    • ‘"I'd seen pictures of previous winners and they all seemed to have masses of bright-coloured flowers."’
    • ‘Bright-coloured decorations abound, including one particularly large and intimidating parrot piñata.’
    • ‘Dozens of brokers, wearing their famous bright-coloured jackets, wave their arms in a frenzy, trying to make big bucks for their investment clients on guessing what will be the future price of soya.’
    • ‘The subject is wearing a loose, wrinkled, linen shirt, with a bright-colored sarong tied at his waist.’
    • ‘In a shade garden, you don't have a lot of bright-colored flowers.’
    • ‘The driver saw the young woman as she stood in front of the earthmover in a bright-colored jacket yelling at him through a bullhorn.’
    • ‘Vegetables should only be stir-fried or steamed until they are still crisp and bright-colored.’