Meaning of bring in in English:

bring in

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phrasal verb

  • 1bring something in, bring in somethingIntroduce a new law or product.

    ‘we have brought in reforms to ensure we have a fair system’
    • ‘So there's a real challenge on our part as we work with retailers to bring those refrigerated products in.’
    • ‘Constitutional reforms had been brought in by the Liberals.’
    • ‘A raft of new taxes could be brought in under proposals unveiled yesterday.’
    • ‘If wine was reasonably priced, inventory would move, and new vintages could be brought in.’
    introduce, launch, inaugurate, initiate, put in place, institute, usher in
    1. 1.1bring someone in, bring in someoneStart to involve someone in a particular activity.
      ‘he has brought in a consultant’
      • ‘The reliever was brought in to secure the victory.’
      • ‘He brings Bart in on a lot of his schemes.’
      • ‘When he was brought in to command the Second Army, he was well received by the men.’
      • ‘Ask yourself, ‘If this scheme is guaranteed to produce spectacular returns, why bring me in on it?’’
      • ‘And consultants from Vietnam would be brought in to advise the government.’
      • ‘Jo was brought in as directorial consultant, whatever that means.’
      • ‘If you can't hire a consultant, then bring someone in and give him the pieces of authority one at a time.’
      • ‘We get into the sport because we are brought in as youngsters.’
      • ‘So Carole was brought in for a proper photo shoot and the now famous photograph was taken.’
      • ‘She was brought in to help the university take the next step in improving its graduate program.’
      • ‘Thousands of inexperienced foreign workers have been brought in.’
      • ‘Couldn't they have been brought in for some clean-up?’
      • ‘The Philharmonia Orchestra has been brought in to underpin the major concerts.’
      • ‘Seagrave is brought in at full back, as Roberts is unavailable.’
      • ‘He could be brought in as a production and distribution partner.’
      • ‘But he wasn't brought in simply for his professionalism.’
      • ‘It's pretty clear he was brought in as an eleventh-hour replacement.’
      • ‘Bilal demanded to know why he had been brought in.’
      • ‘So if they hadn't have brought Anton in to do this I'd have never have found that out.’
      • ‘And finally they brought someone in to help me through that period.’
      involve, include, count in, take in
  • 2bring something in, bring in somethingBritish (of a jury) give a decision in court.

    ‘the jury brought in a unanimous verdict’
    • ‘The jury brought in a verdict that the cave-in in the tunnel was due to faulty design in the timbering.’
    • ‘This time the jury brought in a decision in favor of Scott, and the defense prepared an appeal.’
    • ‘The first claim was that he was innocent, and would continue to be, until a jury brought in a guilty verdict.’
  • 3bring something in, bring in somethingMake or earn a particular amount of money.

    • ‘their fundraising efforts have brought in more than $1 million’
    earn, make, bring, fetch, yield, net, gross