Meaning of bring someone into the world in English:

bring someone into the world


  • Give birth to or assist at the birth of someone.

    ‘Even at an early age I wondered why children are routinely named after their fathers, especially when the job of bringing them into the world is solely the responsibility of the mother.’
    • ‘She managed to be both gentle and authoritative and I trusted her to bring you into the world.’
    • ‘My poor mother had died bringing me into the world.’
    • ‘Anyway, never forget what she went through to bring you into the world.’
    • ‘Mother's Day should be the most important festival of the year, because it honours the person who brought us into the world.’
    • ‘Abigail, a child of great beauty and undiscovered talent, has a safe and loving home with the midwife who brought her into the world.’
    • ‘Cathy's labor didn't last long, and in only an hour and a half, baby Daisy was brought into the world.’
    • ‘Surgeons brought him into the world using forceps after two earlier attempts to deliver him by ventouse extraction had failed.’
    • ‘Young Oliver Twist is left in the care of a workhouse near London when his mother dies bringing him into the world.’
    • ‘She was rushed into hospital, where doctors tried to stop the labour to no avail and baby Adam was brought into the world over three months premature.’