Meaning of bring someone or something to mind in English:

bring someone or something to mind


  • Cause one to remember or think of someone or something.

    ‘all that marble brought to mind a mausoleum’
    • ‘You might start the conversation by simply stating what brings the issue to mind.’
    • ‘Why did the girl bring Victor to mind, Sarah wonders.’
    • ‘I have to say, at that stage, it did bring a question to mind of, what am I doing here?’
    • ‘Yet in the event that it moves us, it does so because its bare lines still bring a picture to mind.’
    • ‘It is surprising how much detail is brought to mind as you fill in the sketch.’
    • ‘This bizarre election controversy has unexpectedly brought my father to mind.’
    • ‘Tiny perfume bottles in delicately colored glass always brought Laura to mind.’
    • ‘It was an odd chain of events that brought Willie to mind.’
    • ‘Even the sight of Jack's face brought terrible memories to mind.’
    • ‘Boult's recording is what brought this vision to mind.’
    remind one of, cause one to remember, make one think of, cause one to remember, put one in mind of, take one back to, bring to mind, call to mind, awake one's memories of, evoke, call up, conjure up, summon up