Meaning of bring someone to their senses in English:

bring someone to their senses


  • 1Restore someone to consciousness.

    ‘for a few minutes I was shell-shocked but I was quickly brought to my senses’
    • ‘It woke me up in a sense, I felt that I came to my senses in many ways and I think my dad could see that and having gone through that incredible ordeal, it created this bond and brought us very close.’
    resuscitate, bring round, bring to life, bring back, bring someone to their senses, bring someone back to their senses, bring back to consciousness, bring back from the edge of death
    1. 1.1Cause someone to think and behave reasonably after a period of foolishness or irrationality.
      ‘the shock of the deal falling through brought her to her senses and made her realize how serious the situation was’
      • ‘There is no reason to believe that they have come to their senses.’
      • ‘I will go this time, if he does not come to his senses I shall deal with him.’
      • ‘Will we, as a people, come to our senses and restore the only REAL money there is?’
      • ‘Quickly coming to his senses, he reached and grabbed a shirt and pulled it over his head, cursing at himself for creating the already awkward situation more awkward.’
      • ‘An authoritative voice made me quickly come to my senses.’