Meaning of bring something to the table in English:

bring something to the table


(also bring something to the party)
  • Contribute something of value to a discussion, project, etc.

    ‘consultants who can bring strategic thinking to the table’
    • ‘The question to ask is "what does each side bring to the table?"’
    • ‘David's intelligence should, in theory, complement what Chappell brings to the table.’
    • ‘Of course, simply bringing more women to the table will not eliminate all sexism in the news.’
    • ‘In selecting one candidate over another, an employer always needs to assess what each "brings to the table."’
    • ‘In the primary process, one of the things that you bring to the table is your foreign policy resume.’
    • ‘Collaborations take place precisely because different scientists bring different skills to the table.’
    • ‘There just is nothing, I think, that she brings to the table that he's going to need.’
    • ‘They have to negotiate, even if they bring more to the table and can demand greater concessions.’
    • ‘A skilled guitarist and percussionist, he brings compelling songs to the table as well.’
    • ‘If all we bring to the table is talk and good will, our conversation will lead nowhere.’