Meaning of briny in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrʌɪni/

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adjectiveadjective brinier, adjective briniest

  • Of salty water or the sea; salty.

    ‘the briny tang of the scallops’
    • ‘The technique minimizes water evaporation and allows roots to be fed by normally damaging briny water.’
    • ‘Caligo had flinched the first time, almost swallowing briny water.’
    • ‘Cymbals are struck but quickly sink below the briny waters.’
    • ‘Other men jumped into the briny water before they could be killed.’
    • ‘A good gulp of flavorful dry stout can clean the palate while accentuating the briny tang of raw shellfish.’
    • ‘Each lamp has been brushed carefully with a briny patina.’
    • ‘The clean briny smell rises with the swimmers, the swells filling the air with steamy vapour.’
    • ‘They add briny flavor to homemade roasted-chili paste.’
    • ‘A bucket of briny seawater was dumped over Christian.’
    • ‘Stacy sighed and two briny tears ran through her cheeks.’
    • ‘Still, I have had excellent nori-wrapped surf clam here, and delicious briny mackerel, a rarity.’
    • ‘Veal medallions were obliterated by a cascade of caramelized but briny leeks.’
    • ‘The strip of colour feels rough and unpleasant and it has an ugly taste - rather like that of a briny pickle.’
    • ‘He stood above a toiling, heaving sea of greenish-black, briny waves slapping a shore far distant.’
    • ‘I favour the briny ones, as they are less salty, but they will all need rinsing well before use.’
    • ‘This ensured that the briny oysters made it to Paris fresh and cold.’
    • ‘In the briny Nova Scotia climate, Galvalume coated steel guards against caustic winds and salt air.’
    • ‘Mingled in the mist are the briny perfumes of ocean, fresh oysters, and the Pacific Northwest.’
    • ‘Sea urchin basically tastes briny, like oysters without the muckiness.’
    • ‘It's briny spiciness is a treat, but that it tears like tenderloin is the sweet surprise.’
    • ‘Now the other issue to consider is waste in the form of the waste salts and briny wastewater.’
    salt, salted, saline, briny, brackish


informal British the briny
  • The sea.

    • ‘the vortices that suck ships to the bottom of the briny’
    • ‘‘On the briny at last,’ says Anthony, as Christopher pours the drinks.’
    • ‘Then two of my most trusted officers stage a takeover attempt, and we all end up in the briny.’
    • ‘We had the briny beside us, a carpet of stars above, and two good friends of ours for company.’
    • ‘Naturally, on days like these you will find folk heading to the nearest stretch of white sand and the briny.’
    • ‘He and Ras broke loose a plank off the boat and dropped it into the briny below.’