Meaning of bristling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɪslɪŋ/

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  • 1(especially of hair) short, stiff, and spiky.

    ‘a bristling beard’
    • ‘The body is covered by thick long fur with a brown patch of bristling hair.’
    • ‘His fingertips touched the bristling hair on the dog's neck.’
    • ‘A burly man who seemed to be all bristling black hair thumped Sam on the shoulder.’
    • ‘Within moments of their arrival, a tall, heavy-set man with a large bristling mustache hurried over.’
    • ‘Only the faint ridge of bristling fur along her spine revealed the emotion that seethed within.’
    thick, shaggy, unruly, fuzzy, rough, bristling, bristly, fluffy, woolly, luxuriant, exuberant, spreading
  • 2Aggressively brisk or tense.

    ‘he fills the screen with a restless, bristling energy’
    • ‘The success of the exhibit was further evidence of the bristling energy and dynamism of Houston's art scene.’
    • ‘The bristling energy has been turned inward, resulting in an unprecedented illusion of warmth.’
    • ‘Accordingly, the bristling argument for Shelley's misinterpreted morality spawns an even more daring reclamation.’
    • ‘She didn't understand his distance; was frightened by the bristling edge of his usually conciliatory demeanor.’
    • ‘His lefty politics had a bristling integrity, yet weren't so extreme as to be inaccessible or unrealistic.’