Meaning of British Standard in English:

British Standard


  • The specification of recommended procedure, quality of output, terminology, and other details, in a particular field, drawn up and published by the British Standards Institution.

    ‘So too is the achievement of the British Standards ISO quality accreditation by our breast screening service - one of only four across the county to do so.’
    • ‘London Underground escalators carry passengers at a top speed of 145 feet per minute - close to the maximum allowed under the British Standard specification.’
    • ‘This British Standard specifies the type of tests to be carried and advises that laying of floor finishes dependant on adhesives should not progress on slabs with moisture contents greater than 75%.’
    • ‘The firm's British Standards registration has been upgraded from ISO 9002, which covers construction activities, to ISO 9001, which relates to the management of design and construction.’
    • ‘The fact that the Cocklebury Road site fails to meet the British Standards 5454: 2000 has to mean the rejection of the location.’
    • ‘Despite brickwork materials and practice being covered extensively by British Standards BS 5628-3: 2001 there is no real protection for house buyers.’
    • ‘Fireworks registered under category two of the British Standards are all low noise.’
    • ‘The 260 owners of homes in a newly completed apartment complex have been instructed to fit new locks after eight of the flats were broken into because of locks that did not comply with British Standards were fitted.’
    • ‘The offer from the University of York includes a purpose-built facility with environmental controls which meet new British Standards and proper access for people with disabilities.’
    • ‘It must also be well lit and have lighting up to British Standards.’
    • ‘Alarm owners are also urged to check that their systems conform to British Standards.’
    • ‘All new lighting is designed to the current British Standard, which aims to minimise light pollution and maximise the efficient use of energy.’
    • ‘The relevant British Standard states that ‘a difference of five decibels is of marginal significance’.’’
    • ‘When the British Standard on potential record office sites states clearly that such sites must not be ‘at risk from fire or explosion in adjacent sites’, the choice of site seems frankly bizarre.’
    • ‘The office will also enable Wiltshire to meet the British Standard for archives and offer improved facilities for the public, schools and colleges who want to consult the material deposited there.’
    • ‘We were aware that the British Standards do not lay down specific guidelines as to how this is to be achieved.’
    • ‘Crime Reduction officers in Hampshire recommend homeowners fitting British Standard approved locks to all doors and windows’
    • ‘A windscreen will only need replacing if the damage exceeds the British Standards ' code of practice ‘BS AU242a’.’
    • ‘It seems to me that this would have been the case even if the staircase had been in accordance with the British Standard - but the inadequacies of the staircase made a poor situation worse.’