Meaning of Britpop in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɪtpɒp/


mass noun
  • British pop music of the mid 1990s that was typically influenced by the Beatles and other British groups of the 1960s and perceived as a reaction against American grunge music.

    as modifier ‘Britpop bands’
    • ‘As with Britpop and Grunge in years past and now with Garage Punk Rock and Nu Metal, a new fad will appear.’
    • ‘Singer Rupert Browne spent his teens in London, witnessing first hand the peak years of Britpop, drum'n'bass and techno.’
    • ‘The 1990s brought a trend, especially in dance music and Britpop, for all kinds of ‘old technology’.’
    • ‘The roots of this band stretch deep into the soil of Britpop and indie rock as we now know it.’
    • ‘James was the band's party-glamour-boy in Britpop's heyday.’
    • ‘They boast a wide repertoire from Bob Dylan to John Lennon to more recent Britpop such as The Verve, Oasis and Radiohead.’
    • ‘We travel to America with Blur, Britpop's finest, bloodied but unbowed.’
    • ‘It is a lively hybrid of Britpop and Indie Rock that contains many arresting tunes.’
    • ‘Let's remember them now, as we salute the decade of grunge, superclubs and Britpop.’
    • ‘The last time the pop scene felt this fun was in the mid-Nineties, with Britpop, when rockers acted like pop kids and vice versa.’
    • ‘She has a good voice, but Keys is an exponent of nu-soul, urban music's equivalent of Britpop.’
    • ‘As someone widely credited with being a major influence on Britpop, Andy had it right.’
    • ‘Blur rebounded from a grim American trek by inventing Britpop on Modern Life Is Rubbish.’
    • ‘That'll soon change if she keeps listening to Britpop's answer to Leonard Cohen.’
    • ‘The most interesting figures in any movement are often the ones who turn up on the fringes, and Britpop was no exception.’
    • ‘Regardless, this album showcases one of the most promising vocal talents in (dare I say it) Britpop today.’
    • ‘The Super Furry Animals emerged as a breath of fresh air in 1995, just as Britpop was gasping its last.’
    • ‘Certain years can be pinpointed as the birth of dance music, the death of grunge or the year that Britpop broke.’
    • ‘Being Britpop's longest-running band, it's a shame James doesn't get more respect.’
    • ‘No, he just has to perpetuate that pathetic myth that Britpop was some kind of idyllic golden age for British music.’