Meaning of brittle fracture in English:

brittle fracture


mass noun
  • Fracture of a metal or other material occurring without appreciable prior plastic deformation.

    ‘Microstructures within the leucogranites show deformation lamellae and brittle fracture.’
    • ‘In addition to research designed to find answers to a pressing problem, other research was aimed at gaining a better understanding of the mechanism of brittle fracture and fracture in general.’
    • ‘Certain types of metals undergo a transition from ductile to brittle fracture when the temperature is decreased sufficiently, the strain rate is increased sufficiently, and/or the surface of the metal has been notched.’
    • ‘The ultimate goal is to determine the critical flaw size below which brittle fracture will not be occur, for a structure of specified design, using materials with a specified strength level, and with a specified design load.’
    • ‘Added to this, incorrect welding procedures can give rise to high stress concentrations and also to the formation of weld-zone cracks which may initiate brittle fracture.’
    • ‘This heat-treatment also provides a safeguard against the initiation of brittle fracture of welded structures by removing residual stresses.’
    • ‘A stress level in excess of 5,000 to 8,000 psi causes brittle fracture regardless of the size of the initial flaw.’
    • ‘Several test methods are available for evaluating the toughness of steels or the resistance to sudden or brittle fracture.’
    • ‘This depleted layer is very susceptible to corrosive attack (particularly in hot chloride environments), and localized corrosion, in the presence of applied stress, leads to inter-granular brittle fracture.’
    • ‘As compared with martensite-hardenable carbon-containing steels, carbonless maraging steels show, for the same strength, a substantially greater resistance to brittle fracture, which is their most remarkable merit.’
    • ‘As a result, the surface of the Earth has, as it cooled, formed stiff tectonic plates (the lithosphere) that are subject to brittle fracture (which is expressed as earthquakes) along their mutual boundaries.’
    • ‘Those properties made the pinions more susceptible to brittle fracture.’