Meaning of bro hug in English:

bro hug


informal US
  • another term for man hug

    • ‘they had a little bro hug in front of the cameras’
    • ‘He gave him a quick bro hug, and that was it.’
    • ‘There's something about seeing these two undeniably talented phenoms sharing a bro hug that feels so appropriate.’
    • ‘Fischer decided to play a ton of country songs on the jukebox and then proceeded to sing along at the top of his lungs with John Denver in my ear during a bro hug.’
    • ‘Tuesday night's live broadcast had plenty of bro hugs to go around.’
    • ‘A bro hug, for the uninitiated, is a handshake that flows into a shoulder-first, backslapping embrace.’
    • ‘He's apparently capable of a bro hug that's like getting kissed by Superman.’
    • ‘He proceeds to greet everyone in the room with a bro hug.’
    • ‘The president's first visit, six days before the 2012 election, included the instantly famous bro hug on the Atlantic City tarmac.’
    • ‘When Mike was leaving he pulled me in for a bro hug and then hesitated at the door.’
    • ‘Grabbing his hand, Caleb yanked him into a bro hug.’