Meaning of broad-ranging in English:



  • Covering an extensive range.

    ‘the questions were broad-ranging’
    • ‘He said a lot of common ground had emerged from their broad-ranging discussions.’
    • ‘Such a broad-ranging conversation is certainly a good thing to pursue.’
    • ‘In 1966, at a budget session on the Hill, members of Congress kept Ripley for more than two hours, asking broad-ranging questions.’
    • ‘For people new to Iranian cinema the symposium was an effective and broad-ranging introduction to its study and appreciation.’
    • ‘Oxfam's petition was launched in April 2002 as part of a broad-ranging campaign to make trade fair.’
    • ‘Johnson articulated his "Great Society" vision, a broad-ranging statement of national purpose, in a commencement address at the University of Michigan in May 1964.’
    • ‘The government has one of the most comprehensive and broad-ranging privatization programmes in the region.’
    • ‘The questions were broad-ranging to say the least.’
    • ‘It has been a long time since the field has been exposed to such broad-ranging criticism, and that in such a short book.’
    • ‘Many men who could still be at the height of their powers are finding no outlet for their broad-ranging career and life experiences.’
    • ‘Civil marriage is a very powerful legal status with broad-ranging implications, benefits, and responsibilities.’
    • ‘The Senate Inquiry into mandatory sentencing was broad-ranging, thorough and comprehensive in terms of scope and evidence.’
    • ‘His lectures were current, broad-ranging, and elegantly delivered in his soft, southern Louisiana accent.’
    • ‘The woodwork collection is broad-ranging, encompassing different styles, periods, and quality of craftsmanship and composition.’
    • ‘She had broad-ranging interests, having studied mythology and psychology, in which she gained a PhD.’
    • ‘I will be broad-ranging in my coverage, attempting to inform, amuse, and entertain as well as to stimulate and provoke reactions.’
    • ‘To put your current career on hold while embarking on any postgraduate program is daunting enough - and where would you find such a broad-ranging curriculum?’
    • ‘After working as an engineer for some years, he inherited a fortune and devoted himself to his broad-ranging interests in mathematics, sociology and religion.’
    • ‘This article has not only been frequently cited, but its influence has been broad-ranging and definitive in shaping the theory of identity and the link between image and organizational identification.’
    • ‘The course will be very broad-ranging, covering Yorkshire art and literature, history, music and theatre.’
    inclusive, all-inclusive, complete