Meaning of broad-shouldered in English:


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  • (of a person) having broad shoulders that do not slope.

    ‘tall and broad-shouldered, he suddenly seemed very appealing’
    • ‘He was thirty-two years of age, a handsome man, tall, broad-shouldered, with a commanding appearance.’
    • ‘All I could make out was the figure of a broad-shouldered man.’
    • ‘In the row in front of me, a broad-shouldered, uniformed officer stood up.’
    • ‘A uniformed officer - a tall, broad-shouldered woman with dirty-blond hair - stood guard at the emergency exit access door.’
    • ‘A tall, broad-shouldered man stumbled awkwardly out of the swinging door.’
    • ‘Sharman, a broad-shouldered young man perhaps six feet tall, joined the newly formed regiment in September 1862.’
    • ‘In his denims, however, he looked tall and broad-shouldered.’
    • ‘His physique couldn't measure up to the comic-book icon, but he possessed the broad-shouldered stature to make the role his own.’
    • ‘I have the opposite problem, being short and broad-shouldered, and it's insanely difficult to find a good shirt in my size.’
    • ‘Today's broad-shouldered, thick-armed hitters make those players look, well, ordinary-sized.’