Meaning of broad reach in English:

broad reach

(also broad-reach)


  • A point of sailing in which the wind blows over a boat's quarter, between the beam and the stern.

    ‘ on a broad reach they are magnificent craft’
    • ‘Her performance off the wind is very good, and the full keel and centerboard make the boat easy to balance and comfortable to sail on beam and broad reaches.’
    • ‘However, many sailboats are significantly faster sailing on a broad reach than running (sailing straight downwind), so the increased speed of a zig-zag course of alternating broad reaches can make up for the extra distance it takes over a straight downwind course.’
    • ‘On reaches and broad reaches this contributes lots of downward pressure on the hull(s), and particularly the bow(s).’


[no object]Sailing
  • Sail on a broad reach.

    ‘The start was really spectacular, with the cruisers and three dinghies setting spinnakers as all 53 boats broad-reached toward the eastern end of Spike, a fast passage with the last of the flood.’
    • ‘We broad-reached into Broadhaven in the glow of a moody golden sunset.’
    • ‘The next day we broad reached with the spinnaker and by night fall we motored with no sails.’