Meaning of broadtail in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɔːdteɪl/


  • 1A karakul sheep.

    ‘I do not see a problem in selling astrakhans, broadtails or caracals.’
    • ‘He especially valued these broadtails for their meat, the "most delicious" lamb he had ever tasted.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The fleece or wool from a karakul lamb.
      ‘The sheep aren't killed for their lambs, which is one reason broadtail is exclusive and expensive.’
      • ‘And he toured a major broadtail production farm in the the former Soviet republic of Uzbekistan.’
      • ‘The black broadtail stripes are individually cut and hand-sewn into the white lamb, all for $2,700.’
      • ‘Albert Kriemler, the designer of Akris, said he would never use broadtail from a lamb fetus.’
      • ‘Most common are jackets and coats, but designers have recently used broadtail to manufacture dresses, skirts, pants and boots.’