Meaning of Broca's area in English:

Broca's area

Pronunciation /ˈbrəʊkəz/


  • A region of the brain concerned with the production of speech, located in the cortex of the dominant frontal lobe. Damage in this area causes Broca's aphasia, characterized by hesitant and fragmented speech with little grammatical structure.

    ‘Dr Leuthardt and Professor Moran centred about 32 electrodes over the sensory motor cortex of the brain and a region called Broca's area, which is associated with speech.’
    • ‘The mass was large, firmly attached to the dura, and superficially adherent to the brain over Broca's area.’
    • ‘Patel's own preliminary data suggest that damage to a brain region known as Broca's area impairs not only comprehension of language but also recognition of harmonically related chords.’
    • ‘The Broca's area of our brain was originally identified for its role in processing the syntax and meaning of sentences.’
    • ‘Additionally, Broca's area, essential for language, deactivates when trauma is relived, leaving the patient who is unable to put experience into words, at the mercy of painful sensations and emotions.’


Late 19th century named after Paul Broca (1824–80), French surgeon.