Meaning of broflake in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrəʊfleɪk/

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informal, derogatory
  • A man who is readily upset or offended by progressive attitudes that conflict with his more conventional or conservative views.

    • ‘there was predictable disquiet from various broflakes on social media’
    • ‘ Broflakes share a little bit in common with their despised cousins, snowflakes.’
    • ‘Quit being such a broflake and trying to make excuses why their opinions somehow aren't valid.’
    • ‘Don’t let the facts get in the way of your story broflake.’
    • ‘Your description of the bitter broflakes is spot on.’
    • ‘Broflakes don’t seem to understand the notion of push back.’
    • ‘If you’re a broflake, you’re sensitive to the idea of absolutely anything changing.’
    • ‘In American political internet discourse, you're either a snowflake or a broflake.’
    • ‘I assume all the broflakes have stopped reading at this point.’
    • ‘One of the broflakes was upset that there were no men in the picture.’
    • ‘You're a broflake, and someone hurt your feelings once, and now you're lashing out at the world.’


Early 21st century blend of bro (sense 2) and snowflake (sense 2).