Meaning of broken-in in English:



  • Comfortable through habitual use or familiarity.

    ‘a pair of well broken-in shoes’
    • ‘his sound is creaky, broken-in, relaxed, and familiar’
    • ‘Wear well-used clothes and broken-in boots and sneakers.’
    • ‘As for shoes: as with any trip where you expect to be trekking around a bit, you should have some comfortable, broken-in shoes.’
    • ‘So if the khakis are gray or brown and dressy, it's probably fine; if they're white or actually khaki-colored and more 'broken-in,' no go.’
    • ‘Broken-in walking shoes, a waterproof jacket and a small knapsack are required.’
    • ‘Leaving aside the smell of the grass or the way a broken-in glove feels - everybody says that - I've come up with a few reasons why I love baseball, and why I write about it when for all intents and purposes I should be doing something else.’
    • ‘Despite all these opportunities for head-swelling, the Constantines still manage to wear their "Saviors of Rock" crown rather more like a broken-in T-shirt - comfortably, and yet entirely without pretense.’
    • ‘Avoid using synthetic oil until the motorcycle is fully broken-in.’
    • ‘I always travel with old and new shoes, as ones that are broken-in are much more comfortable.’
    • ‘The satin-finished neck has a broken-in feel with real vintage vibe.’