Meaning of brolly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɒli/

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nounplural noun brollies

informal British
  • An umbrella.

    • ‘I had my brolly with me but did not fancy battling the umbrella-wielding wave of civil servants.’
    • ‘Umbrella Woman also clearly approved as she had taken her brolly down and was waving it like a light saber.’
    • ‘First, I would have been sorely tempted to believe that some kind soul called Concordia had found it and been thoughtful enough to email me personally, in a wholly selfless attempt to reunite me with my brolly.’
    • ‘But if you want to take a chance and dispense the brolly, at least equip yourself with the most up-to-date meteorological information by visiting some of the many internet sites devoted to our lousy Scottish weather.’
    • ‘Anyway, I grabbed my brolly, bade them all farewell, and and was greeted with taunts as I left - them all calling out my real name - I didn't realise they knew it, so I was quite impressed actually.’
    • ‘They'll stop dead on the street to wrestle with their opening mechanisms, standing exactly where you're trying to stand, selfishly blocking your way and wielding their brolly like an offensive weapon.’
    • ‘I don't get your confusion if I mutter under my breath about the enormity of your shelter, or your look of dry indignation if I run and buddy up with you under your brolly - there's room enough for two, no?’
    • ‘I sent my husband looking for a clear brolly so everyone can see the hat through it.’
    • ‘Every visitor to Venice is following a tour-guide, identified by a brolly or flag, but I feel smug about the fact the one in the cream fedora bobbing along a sea of bald and greying heads is by far the most knowledgeable.’
    • ‘‘Oh, my brolly can cope with a bit of wind,’ they say.’
    • ‘It's hard to think of two more different acts than Eminem and Travis: while Eminem rapped about killing his wife, Fran Healey famously bemoaned leaving his brolly at home.’
    • ‘Settling back in a wicker chair, shaded from the glorious sun by a large brolly, I take stock of the astonishing value of a week's holiday in this beguiling and little known country.’
    • ‘Lifelong Robins fan Gerald Woodvine, 60, from Calne, even spent a chilly night sleeping on a deck chair under a brolly so he could be guaranteed a ticket.’
    • ‘Finally she tossed her crippled brolly to the road and walked on in the rain and wind, as if unburdened, suddenly, by the knowledge that it was just rain after all.’
    • ‘Here are a couple of suggestions of what to do when you forget your brolly.’
    • ‘When I set off for work this morning, I forgot to take into account the strong northerly winds, and took my brolly instead of a waterproof.’
    • ‘If it's not a heatwave outside, a cardy and/or fleece, and maybe a brolly, are probably a good idea for the homeward journey.’
    • ‘And it's very handy, because it let's me know when I should bring a brolly.’
    • ‘Back on the streets of Edinburgh, she bids a cheery farewell, braces her brolly against the raging tempest and heads for the shops.’
    • ‘So I donned my wellington boots, put on my waterproof coat and my oilskin hat, grabbed my brolly and went out for a short walk in the rain.’
    parasol, sunshade