Meaning of Brompton cocktail in English:

Brompton cocktail

Pronunciation /ˈbrɒmpt(ə)n/


  • A powerful painkiller and sedative consisting of vodka or other spirit laced with morphine and sometimes also cocaine.

    ‘His situation degenerated to the point he was downing Brompton cocktails, a mixture of 60 percent morphine, 30 percent cocaine, and 10 percent gin, meant for terminal cancer patients.’
    • ‘Over the next twenty years of writing and lecturing, Saunders did much to promote this mixture and other variants of the "Brompton Cocktail."’
    • ‘Certain estimable English doctors were once in the habit of administering to terminally-ill cancer patients an elixir known as the "Brompton cocktail".’


1960s said to be from the name of Brompton Hospital, London, where the mixture was invented for cancer patients.