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Pronunciation /brɒŋˈkɪtɪk/

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adjective & noun

See bronchitis

‘The odds ratio of bronchitic symptoms among children with asthma varied from 0.80 to 1.81 across the large range of pollutants between communities.’
  • ‘These results suggest that both NO 2 and the OC fraction of respirable PM deserve greater attention as potential causes of the bronchitic symptoms associated with air pollution in children with asthma.’
  • ‘Among the 475 children with asthma, 184 had bronchitic symptoms during the first year they contributed to the analysis.’
  • ‘In additional analyses (not presented), there were no significant positive associations between pollutants and bronchitic symptoms among children without asthma.’
  • ‘The authors conclude that previous cross-sectional studies may have underestimated the effects of organic carbon and nitrogen dioxide on chronic bronchitic symptoms in children with asthma.’
  • ‘A plausible mechanism for an effect of NO 2 is the impairment of respiratory response to infection observed in toxicologic, and in limited clinical studies, which could result in increased reporting of bronchitic symptoms.’
  • ‘We also observed associations of bronchitic symptoms with nitrogen dioxide, which were as strong as those for PM 10 and fine particulate mass less than 2.5 [mu] m in diameter.’
  • ‘If the within-community estimates of effects are correct, then other cross-sectional (between-community) studies in the literature may have underestimated the true effect of air pollution on bronchitic symptoms in children.’
  • ‘Still, many questions remain, and future studies will be needed to better define the mechanisms of bacterial invasion in the bronchitic patient and to develop effective vaccines to prevent exacerbations.’
  • ‘Chlorine is not a nerve gas, and many soldiers survived the attacks, but were left with lifelong bronchitic type conditions because of the damage to the lungs.’
  • ‘Poor Hinewai, still an invalid, asthmatic and bronchitic, her son, the mischief boy, first missing, presumed dead, then years afterwards reported alive and now - here he was in front of her again, but once more turning away…’
  • ‘His self-taught English is punctuated with bronchitic chuckles, but he has an earnestness which allows him to make comments such as ‘Theatre transcends politics’ without being mocked.’
  • ‘Intrigued by the historically reported differences in anthropometry between the bronchitic and emphysematous patients, researchers performed studies to assess body composition in both COPD subtypes.’