Meaning of bronchocele in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɒŋkə(ʊ)siːl/


  • A goitre.

    ‘Banana root has some employment as an anthelmintic and has been reported useful in reducing bronchocele.’
    • ‘Bronchial atresia is a rare, congenital anomaly characterized by the presence of bronchocele with distal hyperinflation.’
    • ‘The impacted mucus in bronchoceles may get calcified and then these lesions are depicted as signal voids on both T1W and T2W images.’
    • ‘Applied as a poultice it has been greatly beneficial in the treatment of felons, and internally administered has cure bronchocele when iodine has failed.’
    • ‘The recent film is a classic representation of the bronchoceles and of the resultant ateletasis (bilateral upper lobes).’


Mid 17th century from Greek bronkhokēlē.