Meaning of bronzewing in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɒnzwɪŋ/


(also bronze-winged pigeon)
  • An Australian pigeon with a metallic bronze band on the wing.

    Genus Phaps, family Columbidae: three species

    ‘Unlike its flashy relative, the Australian crested dove, the bronzewing does not form family groups.’
    • ‘The common bronzewing is a pigeon with a brown back, pinkish underparts and a brown tail.’
    • ‘From Sue Gibbon's property in Chidlow another 30 birds found their way to freedom including galahs, bronzewings, doves and kookaburras.’
    • ‘Large pigeons, bronzewings and doves will eat larger seeds, while smaller doves (ie Diamond Doves) will eat smaller seeds and grains, similar to that fed to the finches and quail.’
    • ‘For example, callistemons, banksias, grevilleas and some eucalypts will provide nectar for honeyeaters and lorikeets: acacia seeds will attract rosellas and bronzewings; and native grasses will provide food for finches.’