Meaning of bronzy in English:



See bronze

‘A third variety of this species, Clematis montana ‘Rubens’, is growing through Jasminum officinale and it is my favourite with dark bronzy red leaves and deep pink flowers.’
  • ‘Peachy tones look great on most complexions (or dab a bronzy shade on eyelids, cheekbones and lips), while a frosty white tone adds instant sexiness to darker complexions.’
  • ‘There's also a large bronzy image of Buddha seated in meditation and ornate hooded archways, and sunny colours abound.’
  • ‘A bronzy glow now meant someone had money and could afford a leisurely outdoor life.’
  • ‘While most people at this time of year think about eating turkey, I think about seeing one - not the overweight, pale, domesticated bird that ends up on the Thanksgiving table, but rather its streamlined, bronzy ancestor: the wild turkey.’