Meaning of broomball in English:



mass noun
  • A game similar to ice hockey in which players run rather than skate and use rubber brooms or broom handles to push a ball into the goal.

    ‘There are many sports offered by Campus Rec this term Competitive sports include soccer, basketball, broomball, volleyball, ice hockey and ball hockey.’
    • ‘Competitive broomball features refereed games, use of the offside rule and score-keeping.’
    • ‘Our one-size-fits-all plan will help you start your winter sport - skiing, snowshoeing, broomball, whatever - in shape, not just finish it that way.’
    • ‘One broomball player was hospitalized after the resurfacing machine exploded while he was on the ice.’
    • ‘She played broomball at the First Nations Winter Games and was the Assistant Coach for Boy's soccer at the Summer Games.’
    • ‘In addition to hockey, curling and a host of other activities, Campus Rec broomball is played at the arena.’
    • ‘He mastered broomball while studying for his M.B.A. at Boston University.’
    • ‘Most notable was the level of international involvement - the Endangered Species, captained by broomball veteran Bob Heringer, fielded several Japanese players, and were unlucky not to finish in the top half of the table.’
    • ‘In nine previous terms, the Whackers had won five times and the Stallions four times to dominate campus broomball's top division.’
    • ‘Entering the newsroom of a winter day, high-traction broomball boots trailing bite-sized snowballs, she'd have all her needs in the wheeled conveyance behind.’
    • ‘Sporting new broomball shoes, Cam Curwood opened the scoring for the Stallions.’
    • ‘we're seeing broomball sticks all over the place’



/ˈbruːmbɔːl/ /ˈbrʊmbɔːl/