Meaning of brother-german in English:


nounplural noun brothers-german

  • A brother sharing both parents, as opposed to a half-brother or stepbrother.

    ‘The Testament Testamentar & Inventory of Alexander Kinross, brother-german to James Kynros of Kippenros were recorded in Edinburgh Commissary Court on 25th August 1603 and 20th March 1604.’
    • ‘It was erected in 1753 by the bequests of James Moorhead, merchant, Dumfries, and of his brother-german William Moorhead, who, for some time before his death carried on business at Carlisle.’
    • ‘For he doubted that the earl Montfort would claim the inheritance as next of blood, and yet he was not his proper brother-german, and the duke thought that the daughter of his brother-german ought by reason to be more near to the inheritance after his decease than the earl Montfort his brother.’