Meaning of brotherly love in English:

brotherly love


mass noun
  • Feelings of humanity and compassion towards one's fellow humans.

    ‘A Roman story makes them out to be mortals whom Zeus lofted into the heavens in recognition of their brotherly love.’
    • ‘They worked the farm together for years in brotherly love.’
    • ‘We will be together in the historic city of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love.’
    • ‘In New York, a city not known for brotherly love, neighbours are helping neighbours.’
    • ‘Put the emphasis on offering brotherly love rather than advice.’
    • ‘Sensing the lack of brotherly love, Harpring decided to see who else was interested.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the brotherly love took all of a year to fizzle out.’
    • ‘Christians have occasionally suggested that all of society should run on an ethic of brotherly love.’
    • ‘Behind this is no ordinary story of brotherly love.’
    • ‘He goes on to point out that under repentance he includes brotherly love.’
    • ‘For all its brotherly love, this is not a chummy tale.’
    • ‘His method was the method of peaceful persuasion, to be preached in a spirit of brotherly love.’
    • ‘Brotherly love never willingly leaves one to perish in his ignorance, errors or vices.’
    • ‘The ending is well done, if not totally unexpected, and is heavy of nostalgia and brotherly love.’
    • ‘And yes, I thank you for your kindness and your genuine gesture of brotherly love.’
    • ‘Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love.’
    • ‘Instead, this brief but ugly lapse of brotherly love is getting harsh national attention.’
    • ‘Brotherly love comes at a price, it seems.’
    • ‘It was brotherly love, he insisted.’
    • ‘That could have been the subtitle of this ode to heroism and brotherly love.’