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brown bear

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  • A large bear with a coat colour ranging from cream to black, occurring chiefly in forests in Eurasia and North America. It is widely persecuted, and was exterminated in Britain, probably before the 10th century.

    Compare with "grizzly bear"

    Ursus arctos, family Ursidae

    ‘Beavers, black bears, brown bears, harbor seals, moose, sea lions, sea otters, and wolves are among the local mammals.’
    • ‘Comparing the ancient bear sequences with those of modern bears, the scientists showed that cave bears were more closely related to brown bears than to black bears.’
    • ‘Smaller than the more common North American brown bear, the black bear may soon be listed as threatened because of the loss of habitat.’
    • ‘Extinct for more than 10,000 years, cave bears were related to the ancestors of modern brown bears and polar bears.’
    • ‘A fragment of a bear skull housed for several years in a Canadian museum may be rewriting the history of North America's brown bears.’
    • ‘North American brown bears prefer open areas interspersed with forests for sheltering cover while resting.’
    • ‘Camouflaged cameras blend in to their environment to capture unprecedented footage of wild pandas, and a new insight into the lives of brown bears and polar bears.’
    • ‘But a visitor familiar with European wildlife might be puzzled by the similarity of these large mammals to their European counterparts - the brown bear, bison, red deer and European moose and wolf, respectively.’
    • ‘Polar bears probably diverged from brown bear ancestors near the Arctic coast of Eurasia early in the Ice Age.’
    • ‘Major predators of the otter include sharks, killer whales, coyotes, brown bears and even eagles.’
    • ‘The bear family consists of eight species, four of which are contained in the Ursus group: the brown bear, American black bear, Asiatic black bear and polar bear.’
    • ‘The zoo is home to about 50 animals - brown bears, lions, cheetahs, a lone wolf, a badger - that survived the siege of Baghdad.’
    • ‘In Mongolia railroad lines prevent gazelle migration, while North American highways act as a barrier for brown bears, and hydroelectric dams in Canada stymie woodland caribou.’
    • ‘Currently Alaska permits the baiting of black bears but not of brown bears.’
    • ‘Go to Afognak Island, where the Kodiak brown bear, elk, deer, sea lions, seals, sea otters, porpoises, bald eagles and puffins await, as does fresh- and saltwater fishing.’
    • ‘The researchers discovered shards of bone from mammoths, musk ox, brown bear, wolverine, rhinoceros, hares, bison, horses, reindeer, and cave lion.’
    • ‘Although it evolved from land-dwelling brown bears only 300,000 years ago, the white bear is superbly adapted to life on the frozen sea.’
    • ‘Bradford archaeologists are also studying other remains from the site at Lynford, including bones from woolly rhino, brown bears, horses, foxes and hyenas.’
    • ‘Dancing and tumbling bears - brown bears - will have gone through a lengthy training: but polar bears are notoriously difficult to train, even when small.’
    • ‘In contrast, brown bears, reported in ranges as small as a half-kilometer square, pace only half as much as polar bears do.’