Meaning of bruvver in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrʌvə/


(also bruv)
  • 1British informal A person's brother.

    • ‘he's really looking forward to having a little bruvver or sister’
    • ‘me and me bruv will be there’
    • ‘Sarah's goin' on about 'ow it's all to do wiv 'er dad an' 'er bruvver, but I ain't never met 'em.’
    • ‘"Naaah, not ol' Dinsie - he was like a bruvver to me."’
    • ‘They might seem like a great gift at first, but just wait until when your darling little bruvver attempts to garrotte you at the dining table.’
    • ‘He scored instant credibility after just one boozing session with the bruvvers.’
    • ‘Big bruv's favourite hobby is the ubiquitous "chilling".’
    • ‘No, baby bruv had other matters on his mind.’
    • ‘My bruv and my dad would be lost!’
    • ‘His big bruv Nick has a story in the collection.’
    • ‘Hubby and bruv decide it's a bad idea.’
    • ‘For my part, I have a younger brother and I have an older brother-in-law, but I always wanted a big bruv that I could kick about with.’
    male sibling
    1. 1.1Used as a form of address between men.
      ‘it's been a long, hard journey, bruv, to be honest’
      • ‘That's all I've got to say, bruv.’
      • ‘Get well soon, bruv, hope it doesn't hurt too much.’
      • ‘That's meant in a good way, bruv.’
      • ‘"This is a one-way ticket bruv."’
      • ‘It ain't working for me bruv.’
      • ‘i really feel for you bruv!’
      • ‘Cheers, bruv.’
      colleague, associate, companion, partner, comrade, comrade-in-arms, co-worker, fellow, friend


Late 19th century representing a colloquial pronunciation of brother.