Meaning of buck-passing in English:



mass noun informal
  • The practice of shifting the responsibility for something to someone else.

    • ‘it’s time for the powerful to stop buck-passing and finger-pointing, and start listening’
    • ‘buck-passing comments’
    • ‘In relation to flooding and also coastal risk there does need to be one agency with a strategic overview so we do not get this buck-passing and we have decided to give this responsibility to the Environment Agency.’
    • ‘Just as vague and abstract language makes for bad prose, it is also the handmaiden of bad policy and the abettor of buck-passing.’
    • ‘More than a decade of chronic flooding has led residents to protest at what they see as shoddy workmanship and buck-passing.’
    • ‘The buck-passing and evasion of responsibility must stop.’
    • ‘The supposed alternative, a totally open, ‘transparent’ system of government in which every stage of discussion is conducted in the open, would be a recipe for political paralysis and buck-passing.’
    • ‘Somewhere on the list of causes - not at the top, but not at the bottom - will be the buck-passing technique of creating a school program.’
    • ‘In a parody of bureaucratic buck-passing, his supervisor responded: ‘We did everything by the book.’’
    • ‘This buck-passing, despite some valid observations, misses the common point that the momentum of market regulation is fundamentally irreversible.’
    • ‘The experts say that as we cannot predict interest rate movements, we cannot forecast annuity rates, which seems to me a pretty pathetic excuse for shirking their responsibilities and buck-passing.’
    • ‘A service in which there is leadership and management, not bureaucracy, blame and buck-passing.’
    • ‘He is quite right that consultation, spin talk and buck-passing are the preferred options to making an actual decision.’
    • ‘According to the writer, the reason for lack of attention would seem to be a measure of buck-passing between the Borough Council and the County Council.’
    • ‘Petty buck-passing and blame shifting have for too long characterised Australia's antiquated system of federal-state relations.’
    • ‘The sackings follow the release of an independent review into the affair, which has uncovered a culture of arrogance and buck-passing at the nation's biggest bank.’
    • ‘To me, that is just a buck-passing system whereby we neglect the real problem, which is: what went wrong in that home, at that time?’
    • ‘This dismay at such a moribund, buck-passing mentality is reflected in the working title of Little Dorrit: ‘Nobody's Fault’.’
    • ‘Her biggest concern, when it came to sports associations, was the constant buck-passing and finger pointing that goes on.’
    • ‘It's a story about government and industry mismanagement and buck-passing, in the lead-up to Australia's worst chemical fire early this year.’
    • ‘In his paper, John Brogden says duplication, divided responsibility, buck-passing and blame-shifting are rife.’
    • ‘When are we going to tackle the epidemic of buck-passing and bad behaviour by grown-ups, and stop looking for syndromes and scapegoats to blame where our children are concerned?’