Meaning of buck-toothed in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌktuːθt/

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See buck tooth

‘The petition demanded the town do something about the buck-toothed rodents that were flooding property, compromising septic systems, and polluting wells.’
  • ‘He is visiting his uncle in New York, where he is being forced to choose a rich wife from among the buck-toothed socialites of 1876.’
  • ‘He is 23 but could pass for 18, his lack of height compounded by angelic features and a shy, buck-toothed smile.’
  • ‘We uncovered multiple examples of many of the bones, which belonged to several individuals, all of the same buck-toothed species.’
  • ‘The buck-toothed customers make me smile, and I really enjoy the artwork and ‘feel’ of setting up my little bistro.’’