Meaning of buck fever in English:

buck fever


mass noun informal North American
  • Nervousness felt by novice hunters when they first sight game.

    • ‘it wasn't a simple case of buck fever, because he had killed his first moose’
    • ‘If you think buck fever is something at 200 or 300 yards, try it at 10 and be ready to rock.’
    • ‘I can provide new first-time hunters with a stable firing platform that hides all of their buck fever and fidgeting.’
    • ‘Another form of buck fever is inability to pull the trigger.’
    • ‘A mixture of buck fever and indecision raced through my veins.’
    • ‘For as long as I've been reading shooting articles, a common theme has been that shooting offhand at game is the mark of the novice, the once-a-year duffer afflicted with buck fever.’
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