Meaning of buck up one's ideas in English:

buck up one's ideas


informal British
  • Become more serious, energetic, and hard-working.

    • ‘she wouldn't have a job, she realized, if she didn't buck up her ideas’
    • ‘The goal breathed much-needed life into Scotland but it also resulted in the US bucking up their ideas.’
    • ‘England bucked up their ideas after the break and capitalised on the Slovaks’ tiring before a late rally in which they almost sneaked an equaliser in the dying seconds.’
    • ‘Pickering Town boss Jimmy Reid has issued a stark warning to his players - buck up your ideas or lose your place.’
    • ‘Arsene Wenger's side will have to buck up their ideas away from home, although the striking form of Thierry Henry will at least give them hope of scoring in any destination.’
    • ‘And although the season is just 90 minutes old, he would rather not be having to hand out warnings to two of his new signings that, if they don't buck up their ideas, they will soon be out of the team.’
    • ‘The fact that in future it will cost airlines money if they overbook or cancel flights should force them to buck up their ideas and put passengers first.’
    • ‘Moone bucked up their ideas at the start of the second half and two goals from Sean Higgins had Moone back in the match.’
    • ‘The retailers may see it as a one-off bumper windfall, but the government is distinctly less impressed and hopes the naming and shaming campaign will cause shops to buck up their ideas.’
    • ‘Todd gave Windass and Andy Cooke 15 minutes after the break to buck up their ideas following a disappointing first half.’
    • ‘I think we all need to buck up our ideas a bit and concentrate on what we can do.’