Meaning of buckbean in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌkbiːn/


another term for bogbean
‘In ponds, Sitka sedge often forms dense stands; other common species are bluejoint, buckbean, marsh five-finger, and marsh horsetail.’
  • ‘Evelyn reported buckbeans in bloom and she thinks she saw some purple bladderwort as well.’
  • ‘When in bloom, buckbean is unlikely to be confused with other Northwest aquatic plants.’
  • ‘The herb layer is most often dominated by buckbean and occasionally by prairie sedge. Water sedge, shore sedge and slender sedge are almost always present as secondary species.’
  • ‘The rare silvery glade, the Virginia chain and 23 other ferns can be found here, as can rose pogonias, twig-rushes, buckbeans and pitcher plants.’


Late 16th century from Flemish bocks boonen ‘goat's beans’.