Meaning of bucket hat in English:

bucket hat


  • A simple soft cloth hat with a brim.

    ‘I had a quick shower and then put on some huge jeans, and a white muscle shirt, and a white bucket hat.’
    • ‘Gooden was keeping it low-key, trying to hide out in a bucket hat, but he still stood out.’
    • ‘You don't need to be having a bad hair day to sport one of the latest hats for man, so get ahead and try a bucket hat or baseball cap.’
    • ‘I immediately saw a slender man wearing a bucket hat walking from the tee up to the fairway with a soil probe in one hand and a radio in the other.’
    • ‘If you have on all solid colors, try a printed bucket hat or interesting-looking purse or cool cuff bracelet.’
    • ‘I put a black bucket hat on, and put a towel and sunscreen in a bag.’
    • ‘On the other side of the school, Melanie had just entered the school wearing her huge designer sun glasses and her red bucket hat.’
    • ‘If denim clothing is not your thing, then you can even go for a denim accessory, such as a fisherman or bucket hat, or even a messenger or tote bag.’
    • ‘Here she is, in her green bucket hat, on this rainy Sunday morning.’
    • ‘Hats obviously serve a purpose and floppy ones - such as bucket hats and head scarves - are best because they can be packed flat.’
    • ‘Sitting on the ground next to the bike was Cade, wearing a bucket hat of the type you see old fishermen wearing, his purple hair spilling down his back in a low ponytail.’
    • ‘The result, a hip hop style bucket hat that makes a subtle contrast to the ‘cowboy style’ I've mentioned before.’
    • ‘The winner will receive the Alternative Apparel headwear sample kit, which includes nine styles of the company's headwear, including six caps, two visors and a bucket hat.’
    • ‘The Queen, praised for her sense of style in Paris last week, played it safe in a conservative lime green hat with matching coat and dress while the Princess Royal stuck to a smart white coat and bucket hat.’
    • ‘The four have each won a Bundaberg - Wallaby Supporters pack, including a Wallaby Supporters over-size t-shirt, bucket hat and Bundy-cooler.’
    • ‘‘I've been married to a photographer for a hundred years,’ said a smiling lady in a yellow bee bucket hat who, if she was telling the truth, looked an awful lot younger than she was.’
    • ‘Steven, a little round man in a bucket hat, made his money in slot machines (on the other end of the business from the moralist William Bennett), first in Tokyo, then in Sydney, now in Las Vegas.’
    • ‘Customers can win a variety of prizes including Guinness t-shirts, Guinness bucket hats, Guinness badged pint glasses, Murphy's shamrock sunglasses and Murphy's face painting kits.’
    • ‘She put on a pink shirt, white sandals, pink plaid pants, and a matching pink plaid bucket hat.’
    • ‘There was a fuzzy light blue bucket hat, that pulled the outfit together perfectly.’