Meaning of bucketwheel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌkɪtwiːl/


  • A machine with a series of scoops or buckets on a rotating belt, used to excavate or move material.

    ‘While mining companies used to dig out the oilsands using draglines and bucketwheels, those large pieces of machinery are being phased out in favour of trucks and shovels, which have become better - not to mention bigger - in recent years.’
    • ‘So where it was tougher to get the electrical power to, for the bigger bucketwheels, they've always been using truck and shovel.’
    • ‘The bucketwheels can mine a total of 7,000 tonnes of oilsand per hour; it takes about two tonnes of oilsands to make one barrel of synthetic crude oil.’
    • ‘No, but it has left crumpled bucketwheels in its wake!’
    • ‘The bucketwheels were used to strip and stockpile the 4-6 ft. of overburden that covered the rich black sand.’