Meaning of buckhound in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌkhaʊnd/


  • A staghound of a small breed.

    ‘Out early one crisp morning, the royal buckhounds picked up the scent of a noble white stag.’
    • ‘Thus, we have the buckhound, deerhound, foxhound, and staghound.’
    • ‘The buckhounds never killed many deer, but they dispersed the deer population throughout the forest.’
    • ‘So what did Capt Browne do with the ‘several horses’ of the Duke of Richmond (to say nothing of the buckhound)?’
    • ‘But in 1744 he joined the Pelhams and began his governmental career as master of the buckhounds 1744-6 and as 1st lord of Trade 1748-61.’