Meaning of buckle up in English:

buckle up

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phrasal verb

  • Fasten one's seat belt in a vehicle or aircraft.

    ‘it is advisable to buckle up as some of the mountain roads require skilful manoeuvring’
    • ‘You know, this is a tough decision, because everyone in the aviation industry does agree that buckling up into your own seat is the safest way for everyone to go: adults, babies, toddlers, everyone.’
    • ‘But only a Jaguar can afford to sport a system this advanced - for the rest of us - buckle up.’
    • ‘So, buckle up, happy flying and I think you'll find a little education goes a very long way toward reducing your fears.’
    • ‘More drivers are buckling up more often, according to a seat belt survey conducted last week.’
    • ‘Increase your odds of walking away: drive the speed limit and buckle up!’
    • ‘Bradsher reports that four-fifths of those killed in roll-overs were not belted in, even though 75 percent of the general driving population now buckles up regularly.’
    • ‘Perhaps most irritating of all was the nagging seat-belt warning that persisted for an annoying extra few beeps even after you had buckled up.’
    • ‘Sometimes a change of altitude helps, although usually this type of turbulence is short-lived, and we prepare by having everyone, including our flight attendants, sit down and buckle up.’
    • ‘Kerry motorists have been warned to buckle up or face the consequences as the penalty points system has been extended to cover the non-wearing of seat belts since Monday.’
    • ‘Two clicks could be heard from the back seat as the girls buckled up.’
    • ‘A new law requiring all new minibuses to install seat-belts and all passengers to buckle up is set to come into effect this year.’
    • ‘Instead, he had buckled up tight and prayed that the air bag worked, screaming at the top of his lungs as he sped towards the impending collision.’
    • ‘And with that the captain reminded everyone to buckle up.’
    • ‘Everyone needs to be buckled up properly: older kids in seat belts, younger kids in booster seats and toddlers in child safety seats.’
    • ‘An alert of impending rough air would give pilots time to warn passengers and flight attendants to buckle up and take steps to reduce turbulence effects.’
    • ‘On every trip, cabin crew have given clear pre-landing instructions for people to remain buckled up and in their seats until the aircraft comes to a complete standstill.’
    • ‘May I have your attention please, we are now entering Tokyo Airport please buckle up this will be a bumpy ride.’
    • ‘Fortunately, we had both buckled up and our seat belts restrained us from flying through the windshield, which would have been an even worse thing that could happen.’
    • ‘Surveys conducted earlier this year indicated that many motorists just ‘forgot’ to buckle up after stopping for a short time, in car parks, at waste drop off centres and even at fast food outlets.’
    • ‘I buckle up and bring the 550-hp supercharged V - 8 in life singing sweetly just behind my right shoulder.’