Meaning of Buckley's in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌklɪz/


‘I need to put this on record because I am supposed to be hosting that concert and I think I have a Buckley's of doing that.’
  • ‘Therefore, if one has a matter which is over $10 000, one has Buckley's chance of having it heard in the Industrial Magistrates Court.’
  • ‘In short, they feared that they had Buckley's chance of making a success of it.’


    have Buckley's chance
    Australian, New Zealand informal
    • Have little or no chance of doing or achieving something.

      • ‘the vehicle had Buckley's chance of stopping’


Late 19th century sometimes said to be from the name of William Buckley (died 1856), who, despite dire predictions as to his chances of survival, lived with Aboriginal peoples for many years.