Meaning of bucks' night in English:

bucks' night


(also bucks' party)
  • An all-male celebration, especially held in honour of a man who is about to be married.

    ‘he didn't have a bucks' night the second time around’
    • ‘Latham didn't even have a bucks night before his second wedding and the first bucks night was "tame enough".’
    • ‘The incident happened just metres away from a nightclub on his bucks night in Melbourne's northeast, a court was told today.’
    • ‘I had three or four media outlets reporting that this was this salacious bucks night video circulating.’
    • ‘There was a rumour about a raunchy video from his bucks night.’
    • ‘The boys at the bar are discussing Stu's bucks night.’
    • ‘She confesses to going to the bucks night but doesn't understand what the big deal is.’
    • ‘He opens the case containing the tape of the bucks night and it too is gone.’
    • ‘A couple of things that have been floating around the Canberra ether are rumours of a sexual harassment charge from the past and an alleged video at a bucks night.’
    • ‘It's our first real quality time together since the bucks night down on the gold coast.’
    • ‘Don't get drunk on your bucks' night, then stumble through the wedding day hung-over and dazed.’