Meaning of buckshee in English:


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informal mainly British
  • Free of charge.

    • ‘a buckshee brandy’
    • ‘Though Butch generally avoided alcohol he couldn't resist this buckshee booze, he drank a few bottles and loaded four crates into the back of the wagon for the lads’
    • ‘The trip across was fairly smooth & we arrived in London at 12.20 pm where I ate several buckshee sandwiches.’
    • ‘Journalists looked up from their buckshee Jacob's Creek and marketing men took their clammy hands from their secretaries' knees.’
    • ‘And no wonder, for although some counselling services are free, or at least buckshee at the point of delivery, others charge exorbitant rates.’
    • ‘In many of the worlds' bigger airports, the homeless and the dispossessed and the plain crooked are increasingly congregating, realising the scope they provide for buckshee food, drink, beds and bathroom facilities.’
    free, gratis, complimentary, voluntary, volunteer, unpaid, unrewarded, unsalaried, free of charge, without charge, for nothing, at no cost, without payment



/ˌbʌkˈʃiː/ /ˈbʌkʃiː/


First World War (originally soldiers' slang): alteration of baksheesh.