Meaning of buckskinned in English:



See buckskin

‘The first white men to press the soil of the township were the armed, belted and buckskinned knights under Col. William Crawford, in 1782, as they went silently, swiftly and with grim determination to battle. death and disaster on the Sandusky plains.’
  • ‘Mittened hands met buckskinned ones in the strong grasp of friendship, and now, as they rode on, the whole village emerged into sight.’
  • ‘On the political stump, the example of the buckskinned Whig congressman and Tennessee rifleman Davy Crockett was widely imitated.’
  • ‘In the persona of jolly Crinkleroot, a bearded and buckskinned mountain man, the author begins each book amiably with a letter's worth of general information concerning habitats, swimming or flying, gills or feathers.’
  • ‘And this stretch of the Green is famous as the site of the riotous rendezvous that drew those buckskinned adventurers here in the waning summers of the fur trade.’