Meaning of bud-graft in English:



[with object]
  • Graft a bud from (a plant) on to another plant.

    ‘Also, after these roses were germinated and grown for a short while, the breeder then bud grafts them onto a robust rootstock to watch their growth attributes for several years.’
    • ‘Three or five apple varieties are bud-grafted onto the same tree.’
    • ‘Clones of Hevea brasiliensis are normally bud-grafted on seedling rootstocks.’
    • ‘When seedling rootstock trees are 2-3m tall, selected cultivars are bud-grafted to them.’
    • ‘These are not bud-grafted varieties but species grown from seed - we believe that the anticipation of waiting for fruit and finally tasting it is something that the foregone taste of bud-grafted varieties like D-24 would deny.’


  • A plant grown by grafting a bud from one plant on to another plant.

    ‘Many citrus fruits are hybrids created through cross-pollination or through bud grafts, when root stock from one species or variety is grafted onto another to produce a new species or variety.’
    • ‘It is a non-vegetative bud graft particularly suited to vines in warm climates.’
    • ‘Within a week to ten days you will be able to determine if the bud graft has taken.’
    • ‘Cut off the rest of the stem half an inch above the new bud graft, and this will force the new bud.’
    • ‘Growers recognized that the different cherimoya varieties, propagated by bud grafts, had different properties.’