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Pronunciation /ˈbʌdɪŋ/

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  • 1(of a plant) having or developing buds.

    ‘a budding chrysanthemum’
    • ‘The warm spring wind whisped softly through the budding trees and played with the tears on her cheeks.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before the children were spotting deer tracks, gopher burrows, butterflies, hornets' nests and budding flowers.’
    • ‘As we sped past budding bushes it soon felt like we were approaching the countryside.’
    • ‘The budding trees also offered Tufted Titmouse, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Eastern Phoebe, and Downy Woodpecker.’
    • ‘The budding trees and the returning birds figure the transmigration of the soul so beautifully I wish that I could die and see the world again through infant eyes.’
    • ‘Shayla cried holding her arms out and looking up at the canopy of budding tree branches.’
    • ‘I want to picture the delightful birth of spring and its budding flowers and baby animals.’
    • ‘Curious, he meandered over the small fence and then across the lawn, making room for himself between a small fir tree and another small budding shrub of some sort.’
    • ‘Manor Café's patio fulfills the criteria handily, a serene oasis in the midst of huge budding trees behind the teeming arteries of 124th. St. and 102nd. Ave.’
    • ‘Then I walked on, up the path, around the shrubs and budding trees, and back towards the keep of Four Stones.’
    • ‘This new scent was pleasant like a budding flower.’
    • ‘Life is just like a budding flower at the break of spring all over again.’
    • ‘When I left, the morning was opening like a budding flower.’
    • ‘Most signs of spring, like budding trees, are worth celebrating.’
    • ‘I don't believe I truly understood that I could relax until I saw the grand white building of the Randolph family homestead through the budding trees ahead of me.’
    • ‘The bench was under a few newly budding trees with little pink buds in front of the gray, dreary looking shallow pond.’
    • ‘Figure 15 shows a relatively short stalk that has several pairs of short shoots and demonstrates how one budding structure can become a new growth direction for the stem.’
    1. 1.1(of a body part) becoming larger as part of normal growth.
      ‘her budding breasts’
      • ‘Clark's attitude toward his characters has never encroached on his love of gazing at their lean, budding bodies, and Ken Park is no different.’
      • ‘Even if the budding breasts are all in my imagination, my swollen abdomen definitely isn't.’
      • ‘Dwindling concentrations of hedgehog protein reached across the budding limb to shape the first two digits.’
      • ‘The researchers then demonstrated that the interdigital tissue (ID) that lies between budding digits is responsible for instructing them as to what they will become.’
      • ‘The Hoatzin chick features a rare anatomical feature — two claws on each budding wing which help it grip branches and clamber about awkwardly.’
    2. 1.2(of a person) beginning and showing signs of promise in a particular sphere.
      ‘budding young actors’
      • ‘This year budding authors can choose from two excellent workshops with experienced writers.’
      • ‘The event is a platform for budding dancers and promising choreographers.’
      • ‘A new drama group in Westbury is on the lookout for budding dancers and actors to come along to auditions this weekend.’
      • ‘We look askance at claims from budding writers or actors that they should be supported by Social Security payments.’
      • ‘The hall was packed to the doors with parents, grandparents and friends of these young budding actors and actresses.’
      • ‘It was to that laboratory that a young budding chemist from Lancaster directed his steps one autumn day in 1845.’
      • ‘The performance includes many budding actors from the area and promises to be a very entertaining and enjoyable occasion.’
      • ‘They are looking for budding dancers, singers and actors to join the cast and contribute to making this show a real blockbuster.’
      • ‘The future looks bright for these budding scientists, even if they haven't yet decided what they want to do after high school.’
      • ‘He disc-jockeyed in many parts of the continent and in Europe and currently has a record label that supports budding Zambian artists.’
      • ‘The budding actors were hand-picked from hundreds of young hopefuls who auditioned for the parts at Kendal Town Hall earlier this year.’
      • ‘The sanctuary currently hosts budding ornithologists from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany, and Russia.’
      • ‘Was there any sign yet of the budding historian?’
      • ‘Right now, I have four young budding scientists with me in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica three young female undergraduates and one male graduate student.’
      • ‘The series, which is designed for budding adventure racers, will continue in Squamish on April 25 with a tri-sport event at Alice Lake.’
      • ‘The budding actors and actresses at Parklands had began preparing for their version of the musical Arabian Nights back in autumn when war was still only a remote possibility.’
      • ‘Marly inherited a motel on rundown Delrona Beach from her father, but after the breakdown of her marriage and a failed relationship with a budding golf pro, her belief in fulfilment waned.’
      • ‘This week I sat on a panel, run by the Theatre Investment Fund and the Society of London Theatre, that offers budding producers bursaries of up to £15,000.’
      • ‘With the introduction of the Internet, electronic and computer games, etc, we have seen a reduction in the relative time spent by budding West Indian cricketers on the cricket field.’
      • ‘Aimee is already part of the national World Class Start programme, designed to identify and nurture a small number of budding athletes who have the potential to compete against the best in the world.’
      promising, up-and-coming, rising, coming, in the making, aspiring, future, prospective, with potential
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    3. 1.3Beginning and showing promising signs of continuing.
      ‘their budding relationship’
      • ‘Why not continue to run it himself, and build on his budding reputation as a patriot?’
      • ‘If the euro continues its sharp rise, a budding European recovery may well be its first victim.’
      • ‘She was going back the next day and so was I, but I didn't want that to be the end of our budding relationship.’
      • ‘Paul knows enough not to flaunt the budding relationship in front of Tip.’
      • ‘Or should I just focus on making our budding relationship the best that it possibly can be?’
      • ‘But that still left her with the problem of Josh and his budding relationship with her best friend.’
      • ‘Griffin puts a bit more meat on the bone in the second half, which opens with a revelation that rocks the budding relationship.’
      • ‘Directed by Julie Davis, Guy follows two budding parallel relationships.’
      • ‘Worse still, the other men know it too: Molly's budding relationship with Boylan is evidently not a secret.’
      • ‘Granados was eventually deported, and the paper's budding relationship with the Latino community tanked.’
      • ‘Nino Rijo, Banhart's second 2004 release, continues his budding legacy in stunning fashion.’
      • ‘Two salvageable moments from an otherwise wasted hour: the budding relationship between Nadia and Weiss is great.’
      • ‘Don Jubilo and Don Emilio noticed their budding relationship.’
      • ‘We show you how to successfully blend budding relationships with your lifelong friendships.’
      • ‘This dichotomy is disturbing considering the next facet of the story: a budding relationship between Phoebe and Christopher.’
      • ‘Back in Liberty Creek, Emily, Mrs. Pendergast, and Greta discuss the budding relationship between Jack and Madison.’
      • ‘As the woman continues to slowly progress and a budding romance begins to take shape, Mike starts to dig around into the archives to learn the full story of Roman and Margaret.’
      • ‘Hong Kong's budding economic recovery will continue to pick up steam so long as the government sticks to doing what many of its critics believe it does best - nothing.’
      • ‘Erica Desmond's budding relationship with Kevin Gibson is complicated now that she knows Kevin is Ethan McNeill's new assistant DA.’
      • ‘Suffice it to say that Vincent and Thelma will discover a lot about each other, and some of what they learn will threaten both their budding relationship and their chances of making it to Crete.’