Meaning of buddy system in English:

buddy system

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  • A cooperative arrangement whereby individuals are paired or teamed up and assume responsibility for one another's welfare or safety.

    ‘The buddy system is one safety system to verify how many participants are in the water.’
    • ‘I know that in parts of the country vets have a buddy system, whereby new vets go out with more experienced ones.’
    • ‘It is helpful if a support system is implemented through a buddy system or a training partner.’
    • ‘The buddy system gives children a friend who offers them individual attention as well as support.’
    • ‘New support mechanisms included a system of bus mentors, a buddy system to help younger students adapt to school life and the introduction of a head boy and girl along with senior prefects.’
    • ‘A buddy system was utilized; with each member having a team member they paired off with and always trained with.’
    • ‘The approach used by Big Brothers, Big Sisters is similar to the buddy system in that children and adults are paired so the child has an adult role model and friend to lean on in times of peer pressure and doubt.’
    • ‘Ms. Lindsay, training co-ordinator, maintains the new training model is a vast improvement on the buddy system where trainees ‘shadowed’ workers.’
    • ‘Develop a buddy system between American and international staff.’
    • ‘Have them use the buddy system when traveling to and from school, or consider taking your child to school or waiting at the bus step with your son or daughter until the bus arrives.’
    • ‘We use a buddy system that means children might get paired with an adult who will spend time with them.’
    • ‘Yes: alcohol poisoning can kill, so make sure to use the buddy system and look after your friends.’
    • ‘We are also organising free personalised cycle training for selected residents and offering a buddy system to escort new cyclists to work.’
    • ‘In her school they have been operating a buddy system for reading for a number of years.’
    • ‘Aids Community Care Montreal One-on-one offers a buddy system for support, self-help groups for people with HIV / AIDS and their family and friends.’
    • ‘In addition, the emergency response plan may augment this procedure with a buddy system.’
    • ‘To the credit of many charter diving operations, the buddy system is usually enforced.’
    • ‘First, there are both empirical and theoretical questions regarding whether the buddy system could achieve the same results if it paired severely aggressive children with prosocial peers.’
    • ‘A buddy system should be used to make sure adequate water is consumed, workload alternates between strenuous work with periods of light work, and early signs of heat exhaustion are detected.’
    • ‘The results pertaining to the third hypothesis were more mixed, with the primary analysis showing a more beneficial effect of the buddy system on aggressive boys than on aggressive girls.’