Meaning of budgie smugglers in English:

budgie smugglers

plural noun

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • Men's brief, tight-fitting swimming trunks.

    • ‘A couple of weeks ago one of the broadsheets published a photo of an aged Bob Hawke in his budgie smugglers.’
    • ‘Sticking to principles restricts my choice somewhat, given the bizarre popularity of "budgie smugglers" over here, which are themselves restrictive in a rather unpleasantly undignified way.’
    • ‘Tarzan, as we dubbed him, took to wearing the tiniest pair of purple budgie smugglers while sunbathing on his corrugated iron roof and keeping a pile of rocks handy to chuck at the kids as they walked past.’
    • ‘For a while now we have seen the traditional budgie smugglers being replaced by long johns and full body suits, and now Speedo has developed an even more slick swimsuit, the LZR Racer - look Ma, no seams!’
    • ‘Eli Creek...proves perfect for a careless and refreshing splash about - though we could have done without Michael insisting on performing stretching exercises on the bridge over the creek in just his budgie smugglers’
    • ‘While Ms Gillard likes to relax in front of the television, Mr Abbott is something of an action man, and can often be spotted diving into the waters off Sydney's beaches, sporting little more than his favourite skin-tight budgie smugglers.’