Meaning of budstick in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbʌdstɪk/


  • A small piece of plant stem with a bud, prepared for grafting on to another plant.

    ‘A scion is prepared by shaping the budstick to a thin wedge, leaving two complete whorls of buds above the point of entry.’
    • ‘For tree training, it is best if the lower bud is located to the outside of the budstick near the top of the wedge cut.’
    • ‘Buds (taken from budsticks or budwood) are inserted under the bark of small seedling stock plants a few inches above ground level.’
    • ‘Leaving a short portion of the petiole in place as a ‘handle’, wrap the budsticks in moist cloth, in plastic bags, or place them with the basal end in water in a container.’
    • ‘Include thin layer of wood from the budstick and insert this into the slit made on the rootstock until it is even with the crosscut.’