Meaning of budwood in English:




mass noun
  • Short lengths of young branches with buds prepared for grafting on to the rootstock of another plant.

    ‘The farms had received budwood from a nursery in the quarantine area in central Queensland.’
    • ‘The team made budwood - for grafting - available to breeders and nurseries for the first time last year.’
    • ‘Cuttings for budwood are taken when the vines are dormant and no leaves are present to show symptoms, making it impossible to distinguish healthy from infected plants.’
    • ‘The trees, as well as their seeds, budwood, and pollen, serve as valuable germplasm - plant tissue containing the essential genetic information needed to start new citrus plants.’
    • ‘When PPV emerged in Pennsylvania, APHIS quarantined all stone fruit trees, seed, budwood, and nursery stock in a 4-square-mile Adams County area to keep PPV from escaping via plant material bound for other U.S. stone fruit regions.’